Jun 16

Oh Metal Mulisha


He was in his truck.

Raised up, shiny new, diesel loud.

The sun was out so his windows were open.

Kenny Chesney on the hi fi.


I was on my bicycle.

It has a basket.

Business shorts and dress shoes,

No socks.

A blazer and a tie.

Stuart Little in his tiny canoe.


The truck was behind me. I was slowing him down.


He revved his engine and shouted over Kenny.

Doubted my commitment to heterosexuality.


When he passed the gentleman “gunned ‘er.”

I could not hear what he said just then,

Thanks to the Doppler effect.


On his back window a decal proclaimed,

“Metal Mulisha.”

A cartoon skull wore a German military helmet.


My thoughts were unkind. Then:

Where was he going in such a hurry?


Did he have an appointment at the shooting range?

Or was his child in the hospital, with a ruptured spleen?


Who hurt you, Oh Metal Mulisha?

Was it an unfortunate moment

In a grade four spelling B?


This is how I do it.